Best Rain Shower Head – 2019 Reviews and Top Picks

Rain shower heads have been on a roll for quite some time. And why shouldn’t they? After all, they let you enjoy the soothing rainfall sensation every single day. Markets are loaded with rain shower heads, but it’s hard to pick any single one of them due to the profusion of alternatives. Keeping that in view, we have come up with the list of best rain shower heads to help you choose the best one for you.




Flow Rate






2.5 GPM​

2.6 pounds​



2.5 GPM​

3 pounds​


5 ¾" x 10"​

2.5 GPM​

​1.1 pounds



2.5 GPM​

3.1 pounds​



2.5 GPM​

0.8 pounds​

At a Glance: Our Choices for the Best Rain Shower Head

The Moen S6320 Velocity is a powerful shower head for experiencing the accurate feeling of rainfall. This shower head is a blend of innovative technology immersed with quality and high-level performance. So, if you want the absolute best, go for this one.

If you want to enjoy a powerful rainstorm every day and are willing to invest generously on that, then, without thinking twice, choose the Hansgrohe 27474001. This shower head features a unique AirPower technology that gives a powerful boost to the spray, which provides a true drizzle experience.

The legendary Waterpik AST 233CC AquaScape is an excellent choice for a rain shower head due to its impressive performance and highly durable construction. The easy installation, different spray modes, and OptiFlow technology for strong spray will make you fall in love with it.

If you are thinking along the lines of switching your boring shower to a fun filled rain shower without going overboard, then try out the American Standard 1660.683.002. This durable shower head, with its drenching rain water flow, will give you a whole new showering experience.

The Waterpik RPB-173 is for those of you who have budget limitations. But, the small price tag doesn’t make it any less than the high-end models when it comes to performance. Whether you want to enjoy high-pressure rain or a gentle spray, this shower head will suffice all your requirements.

2018’s Reviews of the Best Rain Shower Heads

With a huge number of satisfied customers, the Moen S6320 Velocity takes our top spot. If you want to bring the real feel of rain to your shower areas, you won’t come across anything better than the Moen S6320. This rain shower head is for every one of you because of its mid-range price and high-grade performance.

The brass made 8 inches wide shower head is not just plenty for providing excellent coverage but is also pretty durable. You can choose from various colors that it comes in as per your bathroom’s color scheme and your fittings.

What makes this shower head our absolute favorite is its high-quality construction material and the powerful spray that it has to offer. You can choose between the two spray settings that it offers, which include the rain rinse mode and the concentrated rinse mode.

The rain rinse setting gives you a very light sprinkle as if you are enjoying a nice soft drizzle. On the other hand, the concentrated rinse mode gives you a powerful flow for a quick rinse. The manufacturer has introduced the immersion technology to it that enhances the overall spray power up to three times more. This results in providing you a complete and thorough wash.

The immersion technology also results in providing a lifelike rainfall experience in your own bathroom. As you can expect, this is a wall mounted shower head so you get to keep your hands absolutely free. In addition to superb performance, this shower head is quite pleasing to look at and will perfectly match with all the bathroom designs.

Lastly, it comes with a lifetime warranty backed by the manufacturer, which is a written proof of its sturdiness and brilliance in performance.


  • Wide 8” shower head for wider coverage
  • Two water flow settings to choose from
  • Features immersion technology for a highly powerful spray
  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • The colors might not work out for some people

Moving on to our second contender, the Hansgrohe 27474001, which is more of a premium quality rain shower head. So, you can expect a premium level performance from it too. Don’t worry if there’s been no rain forecast for anytime soon. With this little baby, you can bring your own rain cloud to your bathing area.

The spray that this model delivers is as good as a powerful rainstorm. And the almost 10” width of the shower head ensures that you get completely soaked in that rainstorm. This wall-mounted shower head is constructed with brass and gives off a very sleek and beautiful look due to its chrome finish.

However, it also comes in brushed nickel finish. So, you do have the option to choose between these two as per your bathing area’s style. The shower head has flexible nozzles that not only make cleaning part easier but also prevent the clogging. Like most of the other shower heads, it also delivers the standard flow rate of 2.5 GPM.

The shower head delivers a powerful and intense spray, which makes you feel like you are standing in a rainforest. Another interesting and notable feature of this shower head is itsRainAir spray setting in which the manufacturer has used the AirPower technology which incorporates air with the water. This results in delivering very strong spray, which literally feels like real rain.

The intensity will make you feel like you are using way more water than the actual flow rate, but it won’t be the case. As mentioned above as well, it prevents the buildup of lime due to the built-inQuickCleananti-calcification feature. So, it’s not just pleasurable it is extremely easy to maintain too.


  • Wider shower head of around 10” for providing expansive coverage
  • Features AirPower technology which mixes air with water for a more pleasing experience
  • RainAir spray mode for delivering powerful spray
  • Very durable construction
  • Easy to clean


  • Doesn’t come with any add-ons
  • Expensive

How is it possible to list down the best rain shower heads and not include Waterpik in it? Yes, it’s that good. So, our third spot goes to the Waterpik AST 233CC AquaScape that is a pretty well-known model in the world of rain shower heads. If you have been looking for one for a while, you surely would have come across AquaSpace at least once.

The shower head is made of stainless steel, making it a highly durable product that will last for many seasons to come. Secondly, it boasts a very different and stylish design, which you won’t find in other rain shower heads. The oval shape of the head gives a very classy look and will match any bathroom style seamlessly.

You have the option to choose between three spray modes that include power spray, drenching rain shower, and pulsating rain shower. The spray is quite powerful and gives you a very pleasurable and enjoyable shower time. With this shower head, you can enjoy rain whenever you want.

The installation of the shower head is a piece of cake because there is no requirement of assembling any parts. This means you do not have to call a plumber for especially setting it up and can pretty much do it yourself without any problem.

The size of the shower head is 5 ¾” x 10″, which amply covers you while drenching you in that powerful spray. And the OptiFlow technology ensures that you get 30% increased spray power for having a thorough rinse.

The unique design of the shower head gives it an upright or flat position, which increases the height of shower to the maximum stretch. This results in the better dispersion of spray on your body. In addition, the cleaning part of this shower head is also a very easy task.


  • Installation is as easy as can be
  • Features two distinct spray modes that are power spray and body spray
  • Uses OptiFlow technology for stronger spray
  • Stylish and innovative design
  • Highly durable construction


  • Prone to water wastage in case you select the wrong setting

The American Standard 1660.682.002 is a bit on the medium-low priced side for those of you who don’t want to spend too much. However, don’t doubt the performance on the basis of low price, because that is exemplary.

With a 10” wide shower head, not even the slightest bit of your body remains uncovered while enjoying that downpour. Even a lot of highly expensive shower heads fail to provide bigger sized heads. So, this one is a total steal for its minimal price.

Although it’s a rain shower head, the spray it delivers is so soothing and relaxing that you don’t feel like coming out of it anytime soon.  Don’t worry if you are having a tiring or exhausting day, one shower under this shower head and you’ll be as calm as anything. Even the people who don’t enjoy taking long showers will happily extend their shower time under this shower head.

Apart from being unimaginably pleasurable, it is also highly durable. Thanks to the brass construction that makes sure that it stays sturdy and resilient for a lot of upcoming years. The material is also scratch, tarnish and corrosion resistant, which adds to the overall durability and quality.

Due to being a little inexpensive, it doesn’t offer any options for spray patterns, but the only pattern it provides is powerful enough to let you mistake it for actual rain. Being a ceiling-mounted design, it should be fitted at a height of around 6.5-7 feet for giving an expansive spray.

The shower head is also quite low maintenance and the cleaning part is a total pushover. Due to the detachable helm, you can easily clean all the grime from it by thoroughly rinsing it off. All in all, this is a great shower head and wouldn’t disappoint any of its users at all.


  • Value for money
  • Wide 10” shower head
  • Powerful rain spray
  • Easy to install and low maintenance
  • Durable construction with corrosion and damage resistant material
  • Beautifully constructed


  • The package doesn’t include add-ons
  • May stop working if not cleaned time to time

Another great model from Waterpik is the RPB-173 shower head. This model is specifically for those people who are on a tight budget but want to upgrade to a better performing shower head. At a mere cost of $31, this little shower head gives you a full rainy experience in your bathroom.

The model offers a diameter of 6” which, although, is not considered very big, but, the spray pattern is quite spread out so it easily covers your full body. This means it will give you a feeling as if you are showering under a wider shower head.

Like the above model from Waterpik, this one also features the OptiFlow technology that makes sure to provide you a forceful body spray. If you are not a fan of very strong spray, you can also go for the gentle drenching rainfall, which will cover you completely but won’t be that aggressive.

This shower head comes with an adaptable arm that lets you customize it to the angle of your liking for getting the optimum coverage. You have the liberty to set its angle as a normal wall-mounted shower head or to keep it in an overhead spot for enjoying the true feel of rainfall.

The shower head is pretty durable and long lasting for its price. And it comes with a lifetime warranty, which again adds to its overall value.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Uses OptiFlow technology for delivering strong spray
  • Features gentle drenching rainfall setting
  • Simple and decent design


  • Some parts are prone to breakage
  • The pressure is either too high or too low, there is no in between

What is a Rain Shower Head?

As clear from the name, a rain shower head is specifically intended to provide you a lifelike sensation of the rainfall. It comes with numerous settings that create the effect of rainfall. There are multiple holes in this shower head that spray the water consistently and smoothly.

The rain shower heads come in multiple designs and shapes with varying head sizes and materials. But, all of them are designed to suit any type of bathroom design.

How to Pick the Best Rain Shower Head?

There are multiple factors that need to be taken into consideration before ultimately picking one out. Have a look.


In a standard shower head, it doesn’t really matter much. But, when we talk about the rain showerhead, size plays a vital role. Generally, size is directly proportional to the performance. Because, obviously, the bigger size will give you an enhanced coverage, which is necessary for an accurate rainfall experience.

Therefore, make sure to go for a wider shower head. As a general rule, 8 to 10” wide head will give you quite ample coverage.


Price is obviously another major deciding factor. The price range for rain shower heads is quite extensive, which you can see above as well. You can get some of these for as low as $30 and as high as $350+. All of them perform pretty well for their prices. So, you can pick any one as per your budget.

Spray Pattern

Although the majority of them come with multiple spray patterns, some inexpensive ones only have a single pattern to offer. Therefore, if your only concern is the rainfall pattern, you can choose the basic ones like the Waterpik RPB-173. However, if you want to enjoy more settings, you should choose an advanced model.

Benefits of a Rain Shower Head

Wider Coverage

Rain shower heads are generally wider than the normal showers. And for the same reason, the coverage they provide is also pretty wide. And who doesn’t like that?

Provides a Relaxing Shower

In comparison to the spray from normal showers, the one from rain shower head is quite comforting and relaxing. So, whenever you feel like pampering yourself, you just have to step in the shower.

Looks Great

The majority of the rain shower heads are quite the lookers. They give off a very stylish and luxurious look to your bathing area. Just a few dollars of investment and you would feel like you are in a deluxe hotel room’s bathroom.


Selection of the best rain shower head is mainly done on the basis of its quality, design, and performance. While looking for one, you will come across numerous rain shower heads that will have one specific feature overpowering the other.

But, the best ones are those that have everything in balance. In the above-mentioned list, we have narrowed down the best possible options that are all an epitome of perfection in their own. All you have to do is pick one according to your budget and enjoy.

Happy showering!

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