23 Homes with Gambrel Roofs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 27, 2023

You may not think about the design of your home’s roof when you first start planning, but it is important. It is one of the most visible parts of your home, so you want to make sure to choose the right style roof. Have you considered a gambrel roof?

We know, a gambrel style has been around for a long time, but we want to show you just how versatile it can be. It is not just a roof style for a traditional home. It can work with a range of styles and locations.

Below, we have gathered over 20 gambrel roof styles for you to look through. They range from traditional to contemporary, from rural homes to the suburban.

Gambrel Roof Style Homes

1. Your Beautiful Barn

Your Beautiful Barn

A gambrel room can really create a perfect and traditional barn style look that is just so classic.

2. Grand and Open

Grand and Open

With multiple gambrels, this house is designed to be bold and elegant. It gives life to the outside of the home.

3. Classic Farm Style

Classic Farm Style

This house take a classic farm style and makes the whole outside of the home stand out thanks to the gambrel roof.

4. Colonial Look

Colonial Look

The more subtly gambrel style here gives this home a traditional colonial look that stands out well.

5. Symmetry Matters

Symmetry Matters

This home uses two gambrels to create a wonderful symmetry. The style that is created is beautiful and really stands out.

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6. Wonderful Face

Wonderful Face

A single gambrel, this room gives you a great look that brings life to the front of this home.

7. Beautifully Lit

Beautifully Lit

When you have a gambrel roof, you know you are getting a classic style. Here, this whole house is enhanced with beautiful lighting.

8. A Cottage Design

A Cottage Design

Gambrel roofs are so versatile, and here you can see how it is used to create a beautiful cottage style. The is a comfortable design that is fun to build around.

9. Modern Yet Classic

Modern Yet Classic

This gambrel roof shows you how you can use it with a contemporary design to bring character to a home.

10. Simple and Easy

Simple and Easy

Simple, cozy, and beautiful. That is what is provided by this gambrel roof. The whole home is enhanced and the landscaping matches it well.

11. North East Style

North East Style

This is a style that will remind you of a north-eastern style home, with a gambrel combined with other roof styles. The stacked stone style works perfectly with the design.

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12. Bold Ranch

Bold Ranch

There is no rule saying a ranch style home can’t have a gambrel room, and here you see just how well it can work. It gives a spacious feeling for the whole home.

13. Suburban Beauty

Suburban Beauty

This home with a gambrel roof shows you how the roof style can work in any environment, from a rural area to the suburban style.

14. Great Style

Great Style

Side facing gambrels can work to bring life to the whole home. By giving you a great look on both the side and front, you can create a wonderful design.

15. Darker Face

Darker Face

A double gambrel can go a long way in making your home stand out. With shingles allowed to run down the face of the home, this is a classic style.

16. Garden Fit

Garden Fit

You’ve seen homes like this before, ones that are jut made for landscaping. A gambrel roof is really the perfect fit for this style.

17. New England Style

New England Style

This home is a classic New England design, with the gambrel rood and the traditional shutters.

18. Perfect Size

Perfect Size

This single gambrel incorporates the whole front of the home and gives you such a wonderful look. The entrance is comfortable and cozy.

19. A Country Delight

A Country Delight

A specially designed gambrel roof like this one brings great character to the home. By adjusting the architecture slightly, you get some bold lines.

20. Beach Feeling

Beach Feeling

This is a wonderful and classic beach style design. The gambrel roof simply adds to the traditional beach feeling.

21. Crafted Charm

Crafted Charm

If you’ve never thought of having a gambrel roof for a craftsman home, think again. You can see how well it works here.

22. Rounded Perfection

Rounded Perfection

This more spread out gambrel has a bold and wonderful look, even though it is more subtle. It brings character to the whole home.

23. Grand Styles

Grand Styles

A gambrel roof that incorporates a balcony is always a beautiful match, and here you can see how well it looks.

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