41 Drop-Dead Gorgeous Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

The kitchen is that one space in your house where everyone just seems to always end up. Whether you are having a normal day or hosting a party, at some point, the kitchen becomes the focal point. We know you want your kitchen to be functional, but we also know you want it to look great, too.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, there are a multitude of options. Your options range widely depending on the amount of space you have, and they grow even more when you consider how many different materials you have at your disposal.

Below, we’ve gathered 41 kitchen design ideas for you to browse through. Something may catch your eye.

Gorgeous Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Cool Gray and Stainless

The grays used in this kitchen are cooling and blend perfectly with the elegance brought by the marble and the decor.

2. Mid-Century Design

This farm-style kitchen brings a timely sense of style and spruces it up with life thanks to the blue. The white and blue make the perfect blend for this space.

3. Neat and Organized

Keep all of your measuring items organized and ready. Stop digging around in every drawer around the kitchen.

4. Contemporary Bright

This traditional design is made beautiful thanks to the tile used and the beautiful counter tops. They blend perfectly with the white cabinets and hardwood floor.

5. Modern Geometry

You don’t have to have a bland kitchen, so throw the rule book out. These geometric tiles being the kitchen character to go with the light and dark blend of the room.

6. Beautiful Hardwood

This cozy kitchen area is really brought to life with great combinations. The hardwood used for the counter and the shelves blends so well with the darker cabinets and tile wall.

7. Useful Center Island

Not only does the center island stand out thanks to the contrast of color, but it is super functional. Use it to cook then pull up a seat and eat your meal.

8. Connected and Open

This entire space is open with life. The artwork sets the tone in this light space that is connected. The kitchen and dining spaces blend perfectly.

9. Hardwood Connections

Nothing looks quite as great as a wonderful use of hardwood. The floor adn the cabinets in this kitchen set a classic tone that looks amazing with the counter tops and decor.

10. Built-In Dining

This center island gives you plenty of space at the end to pull up and have a meal. The hardwood floor blends perfectly with the two tones of color used in the kitchen.

11. Organizing Island

This beautiful hardwood center island has a wonderful marble counter top. With build-in shelving, everything here will always be organized.

12. Upgraded Farm House

This farm-style kitchen has the perfect color scheme. The dark blue blends so well with the white cabinets and tile, and the decor brings the finishing touch.

13. Modern Industrial

Never underestimate what a rough unfinished look can do for a room. This kitchen is a modern industrial space, and it is amazing. Contemporary designs in an unfinished space.

14. Exposed Beams

Why cover or paint over exposed wooden beams? You can use them to play off of when you design the rest of the room. This kitchen is open and spacious, blending traditional styles.

15. Roll Out Style

Keep every pan you have ready and easily available with roll out drawers like this. No longer will you have to break you back just to find the one pan you are looking for.

16. Cooling Elegance

The colors used blend together perfectly for a cooling effect in this kitchen. The darker gray and white mix well with the dark hardwood floor.

17. Great Architecture

The open design of this kitchen is what makes if great. Instead of a wall, the area from the kitchen to the living room is opened up, creating a beautiful style. With contemporary designs, this is a modern space.

18. Completely Convenient

With great character starting with the weathered hardwood floor, this cozy space has everything you need and it is easily available.

19. Cozy Dining

The light designs in this kitchen work well with the natural light that pours in. Once you finish cooking your meal, come over to this dining area by the windows.

20. Open and Bright

The hardwood designs work well with the bright white. Opened up thanks to the large windows, you have your kitchen and dining spaces connected.

21. Traditional Wonder

The design of this kitchen is really fantastic, blending a traditional style with an amazing color scheme. The cream colored walls and cabinets balance perfectly with the hardwood floor.

22. Warm and Ready

You have a fireplace at the end of this kitchen, creating a warm environment for you to enjoy. The natural light is allowed to pour in and shine on the wonderful design.

23. Grand View

This kitchen makes use of the high ceiling and designs a perfect space. The large windows allow for a great view and for the natural light to pour in on an upscale industrial design.

24. Sliding Wooden Doors

These wonderful sliding wooden doors slide to the side to open up the pantry space. The doors are the perfect blend, matching the floor and the center island.

25. Beautiful Balances

26. Great Island Design

A kitchen should feel comfortable, so using great decor can make it great. The photos on the wall, blended with the comfortable blues and whites, makes this space feel like home.

27. Wonderful Lighting

The lighting used, especially around the counter tops, highlights the wonderful designs used here. The hardwood floor is matched perfectly with the gray cabinets.

28. Dining In Light

The windows wrap around the end of this kitchen to let the natural light pour in. With a wonderful stone style floor that is matched well by the cabinets and hardwood, this space is open and spacious.

29. Complete Organization

Sometimes you need an area to keep all of your kitchen items organized and stored away. This storage area lets you do that, but it is also functional, with a sink and space for small appliances.

30. Contemporary Options

The design blends of this kitchen are contemporary and fun. You have options here. Once you finish cooking, you can take your meal at the center island or at the table closer to the fireplace.

31. Bold Style

Using darker colors for the cabinets is a nice touch and it blends well with the hardwood floor. The exposed beams along the ceiling look great and bring character to the space.

32. Plant Decor

With a wonderful light style to work with, from the drawers to the tile, this kitchen uses great plant life decor. The whole space is lively without being complicated.

33. Dual Island

The open and spacious design of this whole area is beautiful. The dual islands create the perfect kitchen environment. The entire space blends right into the dining and living room areas.

34. Light and Modern

The cabinets and furniture used here area all contemporary and the space is light and welcoming. This kitchen brings a clean appearance that shines in the natural light.

35. Breakfast Nook

Once you are finished cooking your meal, bring it over to the comfortable wrap around booth area to eat. The contemporary elegance in this space looks amazing.

36. Multi-Purpose Center

The center island in this kitchen brings the whole space to life. It has built-in shelves for all your cookbooks and has an area for you to eat at. This bright space is truly welcoming.

37. Bold Hardwood

The bold hardwood styles here are just the beginning of the wonder. The counter tops and the stone tile back drop are wonderfully colored to create a warm space.

38. Traditional Farm House

Take a farm-style kitchen and turn it elegant. That is what this space does. From the traditional designs to the brilliant decor, this space is ready for you to come home.

39. Beautiful Dining

With the dining area surrounded by windows that allow in plenty of natural light, this open kitchen is tied together thanks to the beautiful hardwood floor.

40. Comfortable Eat-In

The dining area here was designed for comfort, featuring a comfortable booth style on one side and great chairs on the other. The kitchen is traditional with a modern flair.

41. Mid-Century Upgrade

Take a mid-century kitchen, add wonderful brick style back drops, and use brilliant decor. Do that, and you have a space that it ready for your every need.
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