50 Breathtaking House Exterior Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Designing a new home? Remaking an existing one? Listen, we know how much of an investment your home is and how important the exterior design is. The outside of your home is what you will see every time you come and go, and is what everyone else sees when they drive by. Getting it right matters.

No matter what your budget or the size of the house you are dealing with, you can have that dream exterior. Whether it is just some cosmetic changes that need to be made or a major addition, we want to help you come up with ideas that work for you.

Here are 50 design ideas that range from contemporary to classic and feature many architecture styles.

Breathtaking Home Exterior Design Ideas

1. Updated Tudor

This house with a front facing gable hearkens back to to a New England colonial style. With great earth tones for color the exterior, this house has a warm style.

2. Light Up

Taking a page from a relaxation lifestyle, this house exterior is designed for you to experience luxury.

3. Brick and Wood

This house perfectly matches its surroundings. With a contemporary squared design of brick and wood, this house meets expectations.

4. Little Colonial

You don’t have to do much to make a house great. This exterior makes great use of a light blue color that perfectly captures its charm.

5. Columns Around

Featuring some gambrel roofing styles, this house combines colonial columns and great brick styles for a great exterior.

6. Contemporary Flat

The flat roof designs would steal the show if it weren’t for the great contrast of wood and brick used on the exterior of the house.

7. Modern Century

The wood siding of this house works well with the new architecture used. With great windows shining out, this house steals the show.

8. Squared Away

At night, this house will glow with warmth from all the windows. With a great natural backdrop to blend with, this exterior is modern and comfortable.

9. New Stick

Looking like an updated and bright version of classic stick houses, this exterior blends light paint with dark outlines for a great affect.

10. Smaller New England

This house makes perfect use of a gray exterior . Blended with the great landscaping, this house brings the charm.

11. Modern Rustic

We can call this the lakeside rustic style. With great stones lining the way, this house is both timeless and classic.

12. Shingle Style

Creating a great new home from classic shingle architecture works really well when brightened with light colors.

13. Mid-Century Contemporary

With a nearly retro feel, this exterior uses wood styling brilliantly. The architecture melds to the environment.

14. Mountain Design

Houses seem to work best when they become a part of the environment they inhabit. This exterior embraces wood and stone for a fantastic style.

15. Bright Charm

With a new sense of style on a traditional design, this exterior features a great porch for some relaxation time.

16. New and Grand

The exterior is alive with possibilities. From the balconies to the patio, this house glows with life and great architecture.

17. Cape Cod Style

With a beautiful exterior that is landscaped for a perfect welcome, you can see how well the white works with the dark blues of the doors.

18. Grand Spaces

This brick exterior covers the house and blends with the green trims. With a large deck area outside, there will be plenty of time spent outdoors.

19. French Villa

Like a space straight from a charming European countryside, this stone exterior blends with a great courtyard.

20. Colonial Update

The brick style used here brings a great character to this space that matches the grand entrance and courtyard.

21. Neighborhood Farmhouse

With the perfect gray coloring, this fantastic house takes on a country living style. The exterior features a nice porch for relaxing at the end of the day.

22. A Country Blend

Blending a great craftsman country style with a stacked stone design works to make this house stand out.

23. Modern Fun

The exterior of this house uses a great wooden design to ties everything together, from the pool area to the house. This is a place for entertainment.

24. Wood Designs

With a contemporary overall design, this house uses hardwood boards to create a calm and welcoming exterior.

25. Spanish Revival

With great terracotta roof and fantastic columns built into the design of this house, this exterior gleams with excellence.

26. Wood Siding

The area features great color for the siding and a classic hardwood door. The stone porch completes the welcome.

27. Modern Farmhouse

This great exterior uses light colors for a welcoming atmosphere. The landscaping melds right in naturally and this porch is waiting for you.

28. Southwestern Contemporary

Unique architecture can always be used to make a great atmosphere. This squared design features stylish windows all around.

29. Winged Out

The exterior of this house sees great bright colors make it shine with life. The garage wings to the side and it is all connected with a great driveway.

30. Double Stick

Like a retro stick design modernized for today, this house blends the natural wood design with the white color. Perfectly landscaped to match the house, these two stories will keep your family happy.

31. Modern Lights

The exterior of this house features great colors blends and calm lighting. The opaque garage door windows create a nice effect.

32. Traditional with Stone

Like a traditional country European villa, this house and courtyard use great stone designs to create a fantastic environment.

33. Modern Prairie

Like a grand prairie design, this exterior uses great earth tones blended with a stone design bottom to bring out the charm.

34. Dark Walls

Darker exteriors work well with hardwood to accent it. This back porch area really shows off the ability to relax out here.

35. Double Peak

This mid-century house features a double peaked and winged roof. This exterior is perfectly landscaped and matches the symmetry of the house.

36. Asymmetrical Design

The lighters colored brick used for the exterior of this house brings it to life, especially when contrasted with the wooden highlights.

37. Grand Modern

Like an older Southwest style modernized, this exterior blends its white color with the darker doors perfectly.

38. Geometric Contemporary

Modern geometric architecture can work to create texture and style variety. This houses makes use of the squared design by using a great color scheme.

39. Northeast Grandeur

Great windows cover this house to give it a glow in the evening. The symmetry of this exterior gives it an old-style colonial feel.

40. Modern Craftsman

Built perfectly with a wooden siding style and great stacked stone usage for the chimney and lower portions of the house, this exterior is warm and inviting.

41. Traditional Neighbor

This exterior comes with a great porch for your evenings with teh neighbors. The cool grays used for the house colors stand out against the great landscaping.

42. Cottage Style

With a design from an old European cottage, this house uses great stone designs for the exterior. The roof architecture brings great character to the house.

43. Two Story Wrap Around

The exterior of this house shows off all the relaxing possibilities here, from opening the inside up to the outside, to the swinging chairs.

44. Southern Contemporary

You know a Southern home when you see one. This exterior has the fans ready to cool you off when you relax on this porch on the hot days.

45. New Luxury Glamour

Design an exterior like a movie star would. This contemporary house blends stone and wood. Topping it off with great lighting, this exterior rocks.

46. Traditional Craftsman

The exterior of this house shows off its great design. From the stones to the columns, this space stands out boldly and has great landscaping to match.

47. Simple and Modern

Modern and simple can often be the best approaches. With the white combined with the hardwood, this great space is practical and useful.

48. Courtyard Blend

This home exterior shows just how well the entire area around a home can work together. This brick courtyard and landscaping matches this beautifully designed house.

49. Dutch Classic

With the offset brick style giving this exterior some texture, the color blend of light and dark contrast perfectly.

50. White Glow

This house makes this white exterior shine with life with fantastic lighting. The house mixes well with its surroundings for a glowing space.
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