17 Jaw-Dropping Mansion Living Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

We get it, you would love to have an amazing, luxurious living room. You want somewhere to relax that gives you options and has endless elegance. So what exactly does a mansion living room look like?

Below, we’ve gathered more than 15 different living room styles that range from traditional and classic to contemporary and stunning. One thing they all have in common is that they are all grand and spectacular.

Take a look at what we’ve gathered below and enjoy dreaming up your net living room.

Mansion Living Rooms That’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

1. Light and Modern Rustic

Light and Modern Rustic

We love when a living room takes a rustic sense of style, lightens it up, and makes it modern.

2. Hardwood and Stone Perfection

Hardwood and Stone Perfection

The multiple tones of hardwood used for the floor and ceiling combine perfectly with the stone style around the room to create a beautiful space.

3. Well Lit and Rustic

Well Lit and Rustic

This living room is surrounded by natural light to show off the combination of a beautiful hardwood floor and stone style fireplace.

4. Elegant Decor Style

legant Decor Style

The decor in this living room brings a contemporary elegance that works so well with the hardwood floor and pitched ceiling.

5. Connected to the House

Connected to the House

This living room is the central connecting point to this whole house, with a wonderful furniture style and calm colors.

6. Built for Comfort

Built for Comfort

This living room is the perfect space to come and relax. Watch some television or enjoy the warmth of the fireplace as the natural light shines in.

7. Made for Showing

Made for Showing

We love that there is plenty of shelving here for your books or to show off your decor. The light rustic theme of the room is wonderful.

8. Plenty of Natural Light

Plenty of Natural Light

With a room surrounded by windows like this, you can come here to relax. We love the brick style floor used here.

9. Beautiful Hardwood Floor

Beautiful Hardwood Floor

The hardwood floor is the wonder in this room. The furniture and decor all balances with it to create a beautiful space.

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10. Indoor and Outdoor Wonder

Indoor and Outdoor Wonder

We love when a living room is able to open up like this, giving you an indoor and outdoor experience.

11. Opulence and Style

Opulence and Style

This is a completely luxurious room meant to handle welcoming you guests in style. The grandeur of this living room is unmatched.

12. Plenty of Options

Plenty of Options

Whether you want to relax around the fire or work in the office-like space provided, you have plenty of options in this large living room.

13. Upscale Cabin Style

Upscale Cabin Style

This elegant lodge style living room has a warm and mountain sense of style. The beautiful hardwood blends so well with this stacked stone fireplace.

14. Contemporary Design Brilliance

Contemporary Design Brilliance

We love the contemporary brilliance of this room, from the wonderful furniture to the uniquely designed wall.

15. Open to Natural Light

Open to Natural Light

The natural light pours in from all around in this living room, giving you a lively space that you will always be relaxed in.

16. Made for Entertainment

Made for Entertainment

Open this living room up to the outdoors and you are ready to bring over family and friends for a great time.

17. Great Furniture Style

Great Furniture Style

This living room has a beautiful chevron style hardwood floor and wonderful modernist approach to decor.

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