46 Picture-Perfect Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

The living room is often the heart of the home, where families gather to talk and play games. It’s also the place where friends come to hang out and where you spend a lot of your time. So, it makes sense that you would take your time and create a room that really speaks to you.

In this article, you’ll find a wide variety of amazing living rooms that will charm your senses and make you yearn to enjoy a well put together space like these for yourself. The design elements are surprisingly simple, so there’s really no reason you can’t create your own picture perfect living room.

Picture-Perfect Living Rooms

1. Wall of Window Panes

There’s no shortage of natural light flooding this living room, with a full wall of symmetrical window panes.

2. Photo Wall

Add a focal point to your living room with a set of four images hung above the sofa like this photo wall.

3. Sapphire Sofa

This bright blue sofa is the first thing to catch your eye when you walk into this beautiful living room.

4. Mirrored Coffee Table

In an otherwise traditional living room, this mirrored coffee table brings a little excitement to the space with its reflective surface.

5. Random Art Wall

Gather an assortment interesting items that means something to you and frame them to add to an interesting art wall.

6. Stone Slab Fireplace

The large stone slabs that are used to create this impressive fireplace bring a touch of nature into the room.

7. Pastels and Crystals

Pastel tone walls give this two story living room a soft look that is enhanced by the crystal chandelier that dangles from above.

8. Photo Shelves

A simple way to showcase art and photos is with these shelves, which allow you to move things whenever you please.

9. Glass Coffee Table

Too many books to display on a single coffee table? Use a glass table with two levels so you can show off all the books.

10. Beams as Tables

Add some interest to your home, as well as a rustic feel, with these old beams set up as coffee tables.

11. Stick Art

Random sticks meshed together into a large piece of art that sits above the fireplace in this living room create a talking piece.

12. Cushioned Window Seat

Imagine curling up in this comfy window seat, leaning back on the cushions and enjoying a good book.

13. Built-In Shelves

Shelves built right into the wall on either side of the fireplace give you a place to keep your favorite odds and ends.

14. White Pillars

The artfully placed pillars that are set around this open living area add a touch of elegance to the space.

15. Beadboard Walls

White beadboard walls create additional texture and visual interest in this tiny living room.

16. Open Space

Carefully planned angles and plenty of windows make this living room bright and inviting to all who enter.

17. Pedastal Armchairs

Perched on gilded bases, these armchairs are unique and beautiful, making the living room feel modern and decorative.

18. River Stones

In this rich wood and leather space, the river stone fireplace adds another touch of nature to the room in a wash of warmth.

19. Mandala Pillows

Black pillows with light colored mandala patterns add a little contrast to this neutrally decorated living room.

20. White Beams

Florals and stripes create a beautiful space, but the ceiling also matters and these elegantly painted beams make the room feel more spacious.

21. Recessed Lighting

Don’t ruin the smooth lines of the rom by adding lights that hang down. Opt for recessed lighting, instead.

22. Dual Mirrors

The mirrors on either side of this fireplace reflect back a well-lit room and make it feel more expansive.

23. Cross-Hatched Wall

Everything in this space is full of texture, including the cross-hatch wall paper on the wall behind the sofa.

24. Retro Wood Panel

You probably haven’t seen wood panelling in a while, but it’s making a comeback in this funky living space.

25. Pale Yellow

Bring a touch of sunshine into your living room with this sunny yellow color, neatly contrasted by the pale blue chairs and pillows.

26. Writing Desk

Bring the past into the present by adding this antigue writing desk to a small space in your living room.

27. Glass Doors

This living room is neatly separated from the dining room by a wall and a pair of glass paned doors that let you see into the next room.

28. Checkerboard Carpet

In this sophisticated room with its grays and blacks, the checkerboard carpet adds a splash of fun and visual interest.

29. Surrounded by Circles

The circle is a recurring theme in this room, from the coffee table and lamps to the globe and mirror on the wall.

30. Rustic Structure

You’ll feel right at home in this living room that is designed with rough-hewn beams and handmade plank fireplace facing.

31. Plush Tree Carpet

Sink your toes into this beautiful plush tree carpet as you sink into a neutral couch and enjoy the peaceful space.

32. Panelled Ceiling

In this little living room, it’s not the furniture or the fireplace that draw your attention, but the ceiling with its white moldings and panels.

33. Natural Light

Whites and pale grays keep the natural light from these two windows bright and reflected around the room.

34. Cube Light

The elegant cube light hung above this living room is made of wood and paper, creating an artful way to light up the room.

35. Art Displays

Show off your favorite collections on the arched shelves on either side of the fireplace, the perfect backdrop for your items.

36. Suede Chairs

In a living room full of squashy cushions and shades of pale grays, these two suede chairs stand out, in a good way.

37. Well-lit Fireplace

Flanking the simple fireplace, the white panels reflect lots of light and feature elegant lamps to keep the room lit up.

38. Log Slab Table

Cut from a very large log, this log slab table adds a touch of nature to a beautiful living room.

39. Hot Pink Accents

The bright pink accents in this room make it feel fun and playful, along with the cow area rug on the floor.

40. Two Part Coffee Table

In this modern living room, the coffee table stands out as being quite unique, with two pieces held together by steel rods.

41. Reclaimed Wood Table

Made of reclaimed wood and iron, this coffee table is topped with a puffy cushion that invites you to set items on it.

42. Dragon Decor

This fireplace takes things up a notch with its iron dragon firedogs that bring a touch of whimsy to a simple room.

43. Origami Art

The folded art on these panelled walls makes a statement and pulls the eye toward the art, rather than to the low furniture.

44. Floral Space

Floral print chairs add to the charm of this space, reflected in the graytone flower images hung on the wall.

45. Whimsical Color

Step into this amazing space and feel instantly at home with the explosion of color that runs the gamut from blue to pink.

46. Wood Accents

Pale reclaimed wood is used to create panels that keep the space feeling bright and refreshing.