15 Red Brick House Designs and Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 1, 2022

A red brick house will never go out of style. These homes are charming, classic, and sturdy-looking, ensuring that they will look fashionable no matter the year. Here are 15 red brick house designs that you are sure to love.

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Red Brick House Design Ideas


red brick house

This red brick home is beautiful and welcoming. It is constructed with a red, brown, and white color scheme that is paired with textured materials. The face of the home is made from a light red brick that is subtle and cheerful.

The red brick is complemented by red paneling found on the gable and around the windows. This red color is brighter than the brick. The window frames are white, adding a crisp touch, while the roof is brown.


red brick house

Here is another home with beautiful red brick. This home is much more textured than the previous because of its deeper color scheme, textured roof, and luscious flowers and bushes.

The face of this home is made from red brick. The red brick alternates between different shades, but they all have a deep hue. This hue makes the home bold and warm.

The brick face is paired with a textured roof. In fact, the roof has a tiled finish that matches the finish on the home’s face. To make the roof stand out, it is colored brown.


red brick house

This home is made from a deep red brick, as well. It has a textured finish because of the brick. The color scheme of the brick includes shades of brown and grey, which adds dimension to the face of the home. The red brick is accentuated with a bright red door.

In contrast to the red face, the window panes are white, while the roof is grey. The roof especially contrasts with the home because of its intense horizontal design. Although it is shingled, the roof looks like horizontal strips at a glance, which is a wildly different shape from the brick texture below.


red brick house

This home is made from red brick and tan stucco. The red brick makes up most of the home. It can be seen on nearly all walls except the entryway to the door. This entryway is made from brown stucco. This stucco color makes the door stand out from the rest of the home.

The home also includes white accents. The garage door and column accents around the door are white. This white accent color brightens the home and makes it look crisper and fresher.


red brick house

This home has a classic two-story design, complete with red brick, a red door, and brown shutters. The face of the home is made exclusively from red brick. This red brick is not as textured as some of the other homes, which makes it look much more subtle.

The red brick is paired with brown shutters and white trimmings. The brown shutters match the roof and do not stand out against the red brick. The white trimming, on the other hand, stands out beautifully and adds a crisp touch to the home.


red brick house

If you love a classic cottage look, you will love this home. It has red brick, green shutters, and an ashy grey roof. The red brick is bright and clean looking; they stand out against the green shutters.

Above the red brick, however, is an ashy grey roof. This roof color is stunning against the red home. While the brick and shutters are deep and colorful, the roof is cool. The cool coloration almost seems to take over the home.


red brick house

Here is a very traditional red home. It has bright red brick, white accents, a brown roof, and red accents on the roof. Although the home has several colors, the red brick stands out on this home and even matches the front fencing.

The roof is dark brown. This dark brown stands out against the red brick below. Around the ridge of the roof, however, are red bricks. These bricks create a cohesive and unique look.


red brick house

This home is a bit different from the others. While most red brick homes have a white and red color scheme, this one has a red and grey color scheme. The coloration makes this home unique and visually enticing.

The face of the home is made from red brick, but it includes just a few white accents. The roof, door, and garage doors, however, are grey. The grey color is much cooler than the red, causing this home to have a unique look.


red brick house

Here is another simple red brick home. Almost the entire home is made from red brick. The only parts that are not red brick are the door, columns, window frames, roof, and dormers. Though that may sound like a lot, this home probably has the reddest brick out of the models we have seen.

The red brick is complemented by the white touches around the windows and dormers. The door also complements the red brick since it is painted burnt red. The roof is the only part of the home that contrasts against the red, but the grey looks beautiful against the brick.


red brick house

This home is extremely upscale and luxurious. It has red brick, shutters, columns, dormers, and intricate paneling around the center window. These features elevate this home to make it one of a kind.

The color scheme also complements the features of the home. The face of the house is made from red brick. This brick is simple because it creates a simple yet classy backdrop for the black shutters and white accents.

The white accents are placed strategically on this home. The columns, doors, and window paneling are all white. These features are located at the center of the home, and the stark white of these features automatically draws your vision to them.


red brick house

If you like the more foreboding look that colonial homes come with, you will love this home. It is made primarily with red brick. This brick covers almost the entire home except the roof and window frames. The window frames are painted brown, causing them to blend in with the brick.

The large extension on the home is also made of brick, but the brick has different colors, and they are laid in a different fashion. This unique design with the brick causes this portion of the home to stand out.

Additionally, this home uses trees and landscape to add a pop of color. Two tall trees frame the entryway of the home. Although they are not part of the home, they work as a substitute for columns.


red brick house

Here is another example of a classic red brick home. Even though this home is a mansion, it has a simple construction and details. The face of the home is made from red brick. An even redder brick is used above each window.

The windows and door columns are white. Although this design choice is very simple, it is also very effective. The choice to frame the door and windows with white adds a clean and crisp look to the home.


red brick house

This home is the perfect example of a deep red brick house. The house itself is constructed from a very deep red. This red is so deep, in fact, that it could be mistaken for brown. The deepness of the red is complemented with a cool grey roof.

More so, the deepness of the red house is contrasted by white accents. Most notably. This home features white window frames, columns, and railing. The white columns and railing are especially gorgeous in that they create a focal point for the home around the door.


red brick house

This home is another example of a rustic, red brick cottage. The face of this home is made from red brick. As you can see in this picture, the red brick beautifully absorbs the sun and creates a warm and inviting hue around the house.

The red brick is paired with brown touches. The roof, window frames, and accents are all brown. This brown color continues the warm look of the home and allows the red brick to shine.


red brick house

Unlike many red brick homes, this home uses colors other than red, white, or brown alongside the red brick. Although you can only see a small bit of this home, it is more colorful than the rest combined.

The wall is made from red brick. This red brick is textured, but it creates a clean background for the other colors to play against. The window frames and door frame are white, which gives this home a clean touch.

This home also uses green in its design. Notably, the door is mint green, which complements the red brick beautifully. Additionally, this design uses vines and plants to add more color and dimension.


You can never go wrong with a red brick house. As these designs have shown, red brick is classic, but it also can be rustic or glamorous. For this reason, you are sure to find a red brick home that you love.

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