42 Small Bathroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Everyone wants to have  a bathroom that looks fantastic, even if it is a smaller one. Don’t stress over that. We will help you find some great designs and ideas for your smaller bathroom.

Whether you are looking for something simple or something elegant, from traditional to contemporary, we have found some great ideas for you. Below, you will find 42 small bathroom designs that show a range of possibilities. Let your personality shine through!

Small Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Cultured Design

With this walk-in shower featuring a cultured design, you will love the way the marble style carries around this whole room.

2. Wonderful Shelving

Keep all of your towels and decor stored away nicely with great shelving. This light bathroom is comfortable and relaxing.

3. Great Tile Design

The tile design behind this sink space is creative and brings character to this room. The space is modern and clean.

4. Wonderful Counter

This hardwood counter style works well when matching the hardwood floor. With light walls to contrast, this is a cozy and stylish space.

5. Chevron Style

The dark tile in a chevron pattern carries from the wall to the floor. The whole room is tied together in elegance.

6. Sleek and Easy

This room does a great job matching the darker sink space with the lighter style of the rest of the bathroom. The tiles are multi-colored and they work well.

7. Fully Functional

The sink is slimmer, giving you more space to move around easily. Though smaller, everything you need is here and has a stylish design.

8. Light and Stylish

From the floor to the tile backsplash, the light style of this room works well. The decor is minimal and out of the way, giving you plenty of room to get ready.

9. Classic Cabin

This space blends beautiful hardwood with a fantastic stone design to give you a bathroom that is like your own private spa.

10. Cobblestoned

The floor of this shower is perfectly done with smooth stones. They match the tile of the walls well.

11. An Industrial Style

The industrial style here leaves open the area under the sink and it gives plenty of room for towel storage.

12. Comfortable Decor

There is an elegance at work here, from the silver highlights of the mirror and light fixtures to the graceful decor. Enjoy the space you have to get ready here.

13. Keep it Uncluttered

Under this sink you will find plenty of space to plug your items in. Now you don’t have to have cords running all over the counters.

14. Elegant Fixtures

This space has a traditional elegance that is hard to beat. The basket storage under the sink is the perfect way to keep your towels away and ready to use.

15. Darker Tile Design

The darker tiles are carried from the floor and up the shower walls. This space is one that is functional and well designed.

16. Subway Tile

The subway style tile used around this bathroom is absolutely wonderful. The dark sink cabinet give the room just the right contrast.

17. Modern and Sleek

The shelving is simple and functional and the whole bathroom take a modern style and works it well. Everything you need is here and the whole room is uncluttered.

18. Perfect Storage

Open up this drawer to find that everything has a place to go. This bathroom will keep you organized.

19. Circular Tiles

Sometimes, all you need is a simple change to enhance the whole room. The circular tiles, all different sizes, bring this bathroom to life.

20. Great Hardwood Floor

When you have a hardwood floor design like this, the rest is easy to take care of. With built in shelving and a wonderful decor style, this is a well-designed room.

21. Golden Highlights

This room takes wonderful patterns and design and brings it to life. The golden faucets and handles are a great way to finish the space off.

22. Luxury Shower

Walk into this luxury shower and enjoy the contrasts created in the room. The darker style is blended well with the tiles and hardwood drawers.

23. Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink looks great and gives you a way to have extra storage when you need it. This room has a wonderful floor design to give it character.

24. Modern Designs

The dark stone style floor and walls bring the bathroom a great elegance to match the contemporary design.

25. All Function

Making the most of the space it has, this bathroom has a great walk in shower. The hardwood style is a great match to the stone tile design.

26. Great Reflection

The reflective elegance around this sink space brings this bathroom to life. The hardwood sink counter give the room a durable appeal.

27. Blue and White

From the beautiful tile floor to the contrasting blue and white walls, this bathroom has a traditional early 1900s design style.

28. Perfect Combinations

The darker tiles on the floor balance well with the contrasting white and blue walls. The room has a quiet sophistication that you are sure to love.

29. His and Hers

With great use of hardwood in the shower and on the towel rack, this room has a classic design style that you will fall in love with.

30. The Little Things

Your eyes are drawn to the simple use of darker tiles to accent around the shower space. The natural light shines in to give this bathroom a relaxing style.

31. Light Decor

The dark blue walls and black tile floor are contrasted perfectly by the light sink and toilet. The decor is easy and simple, giving just the right amount of character.

32. Natural Light Shine

The natural light pours into this bathroom and shows off the light style. From the tile to the simple decor, this bathroom has a great design.

33. A Little Style

You will love the way the tile is used to create wonderful highlights around this room. The shower is functional, with a rail and a seat so you can relax.

34. Great Hardwood Use

The hardwood wall behind the sink brings this bathroom the exact character that it needs. Though smaller, this whole space is functional.

35. Darker Countertop

The dark counter matches the floor tiles perfectly and contrasts well with the lighter walls. Step up into this walk in shower and start your day off right.

36. Modern and Bright

This bathroom has a modern sense of style that keeps it uncluttered and functional. You have plenty of space to get ready each day.

37. Stacked Stone Style

The stacked stone columns on either side of the sink blend perfectly with the sandstone style floor.

38. Darker Highlights

The black highlights around the mirror and shower match this space perfectly. The cobblestone shower floor brings great character to this bathroom.

39. Blue Tile

The blue tiles used in this bathroom go perfectly with the hardwood floor. It is almost as if this room was lifted straight out of the calm sea.

40. Durable Style

From the floor to the wall and sink, the hardwood used here gives this bathroom a durable sense of style.

41. Easy Comfort

The beautiful and calm tile here gives you the perfect setting when you need to relax. With great storage space, you will always have what you need.

42. Great Contrasts

The simple hardwood use here creates a wonderful contrast to the light tiles and sink. This is an easy and functional space.
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