41 Small and Efficient Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 30, 2024

You are going to spend a ton of time in your kitchen. That doesn’t mean you will always necessarily be cooking. We know that the kitchen can turn into a natural gathering spot for family and friends. You want to get your kitchen done right, and we want to help you do it.

When you have a smaller kitchen area, you are dealing with a different set of challenges. Don’t let that deter you from designing it exactly how you want it. A smaller kitchen can be functional and still look amazing. Below, we have gathered 41 small kitchen ideas for you to browse through. We’re sure you will find something to work in your space.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Wonderful Storage Space

If you have a smaller space, you need to make the most out of the room you have. This kitchen shows you just how well some creative storage ideas can work.

2. Convenient Storage

Stop simply putting your cleaning supplies behind a door or propped up against a wall. Keep them out of sight and easily accessible like you see here.

3. Sleek and Functional

This little are will handle all of your needs with it comes to your drinks, especially the vital coffee. Everything you need is here, from the coffee maker and cups to the sink.

4. Country Charm

For your decor and storage space, just go upwards. Take advantage of vertical space in your kitchen with charming hardwood shelves like these.

5. Great Natural Light

The natural light pours into this kitchen to show off a great design. The center island doubles the amount of cooking space and separates this kitchen and living room.

6. Beautiful Hardwood Floor

The light hardwood floor in this room is matches perfectly by the white walls and cabinets, giving this kitchen a large sense of style.

7. Contemporary Design Style

This open floor plan is fantastic and the hardwood styles around the room work together. The spacious style here gives you plenty of room to move around.

8. Quaint and Charming

This smaller kitchen area uses traditional decor and a charming light blue to complement it. Make your meal and pull up a chair to enjoy it.

9. Subway Brick Style

The use of a subway tile backsplash makes this room seem so much larger than it is. This kitchen has a light gray color that really works.

10. Fantastic Lighting

The light pour in the window on this little dining area. Everything you need to make and eat your meal is in this charming kitchen.

11. Great Use of Space

This kitchen has light shining in through the skylights to give it a large style and the storage is excellent at saving space.

12. Wonderful Wood Usage

The hardwood floor is complemented by the wood on the counters and shelves. The whole kitchen is functional, with no space wasted.

13. Farm Style Sink

This light kitchen takes advantage of the natural light by contrasting the darker floor with lighter cabinets. The farm style sink tops off the design.

14. Sleek Sophistication

The sleek and crafted feeling of this kitchen brings it a contemporary sense. The creative backsplash really steps up the style of this space.

15. Fantastic Decor

The decor in this kitchen works well because it doesn’t overwhelm. The kitchen design is enough on its own, with a light style and great shelf placement.

16. Bold and Handsome

It is hard to go wrong with darker hardwood cabinets like these, especially when paired with a beautiful hardwood floor.

17. Under Stair Space

What would usually be wasted space isn’t wasted here. The area under the stairs has been brilliantly converted into storage for your kitchen items.

18. Splash of Yellow

What a fantastic color scheme. With a minimal and uncluttered design, this room is light and modern. The yellow simply brings it to life.

19. Breakfast Corner

For when you don’t want to dirty up your kitchen for simple things, this small area will suit your needs. From your drinks to snacks, this is the space for you.

20. Cozy and Functional

With this kitchen taking advantage of the natural light shining in, every space here is functional. The decor is not overwhelming and the design is a blend of traditional and modern.

21. All Stored Away

There is no wasted space here. These roll out storage spaces on either side of the range give you more room to organize your kitchen items.

22. Bright and Open

With light shining in on all sides of this kitchen, you have all the room you need, with plenty of counter space and great shelf placement.

23. Wonderful Tiled Floor

There is nothing wrong with a little design in the kitchen. This patterned tile floor looks great and bring character. You can enjoy your meal at the wonderful booth area.

24. Pullout Counter

For when you need just a little extra space, pull out this extended counter and use it as a food prep area. When you are finished, just roll it away and forget about it.

25. Great Lighting

Sometimes, all a kitchen needs is some great lighting to make it seem larger. This space does that perfectly, with lights running around the counter and floor space.

26. Comfortable Dining

Cozy and stylish, this kitchen will handle all of your cooking and dining needs. When you make that meal, you can enjoy it over in the comfortable dining area.

27. Hardwood Crossbeams

When you have hardwood beams like this running the ceiling, design your space around it and it will turn out wonderfully. This kitchen is bright and cheerful, a wonderful contrast to the beams.

28. Wine Storage

With a light hardwood floor matched by the light cabinets, it would be a shame not to mention the wonderful wine storage next to the giant refrigerator.

29. Darker Cabinets

The darker cabinets and appliances makes a statement, especially when combined with the lighter center island. With plenty of light to show off the contrast, this looks amazing.

30. Slide into the Kitchen

Slide open these doors and enter into a traditionally designed kitchen space. You have great options when it comes to decor.

31. Roll Out Trash Storage

You don’t have to keep your trash bin where it can be seen all day long. Keep it under the sink with a roll out storage like this one.

32. Rounded Design

With a touch of classic European style, this room take great decor and some rounded edges and brings the kitchen to life.

33. Extra Cooking Space

This roll out food prep area is perfect to give you that additional cooking space when you need it. It disappears seamlessly when you are finished.

34. Scallop Backsplash

You can get colorful and creative with your kitchen designs. These blue scallop style tiles are perfect for the backsplash.

35. Modern and Cozy

With a contemporary industrial feel, from the stainless steel appliances to the creative shelving, this is a functional and stylish kitchen.

36. Great Color Blend

This is a great kitchen area, cozy and functional. The sleek gray cabinets complement the modern style of the space.

37. Great Contrasts

From the black walls and white backsplash to the wooden cabinets and stone counter top, this kitchen is filled with wonderful contrasts.

38. Marbled Counter and Backsplash

This room takes a gorgeous hardwood floor and contrasts it well with light cabinets and a beautiful counter top. This is a sleek and contemporary kitchen.

39. Connected Areas

This open floor plan connects the kitchen with other parts of this house perfectly, giving it a larger feel. The natural light shines in to show it all off.

40. Traditional Beauty

With a beautiful hardwood beam working to separate the kitchen and dining area, this traditionally designed space has brilliant decor.

41. Display Cabinets

Simply decorated, this kitchen is light and traditional. The display cabinets work as a design piece, showing off your beautiful glassware when not in use.
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