29 Extraordinary Tropical Style Kitchen Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 30, 2024

Think about how much time you spend in your kitchen. We know, sometimes too much time. That’s okay, as long as you have a kitchen designed the way you want it.

When you start to plan a kitchen design, whether you are building on from scratch or redesigning an existing one, you will be faced with many design choices. Below, we have gathered together 29 tropical kitchen designs that you will really love.

If you love the tropics, you have options. Ranging from contemporary to traditional, you will see many ideas below. Take your time and browse through what we have here. You might see something that you can use.

Tropical Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Arched Windows

With beautiful windows surrounding this kitchen, the natural light is allowed to shine into this kitchen and show off the bright and lively decor.

2. Functional Center Island

This center island is large and functional, giving you plenty of room for cooking and eating. The natural light shines in from the ceiling and the side to show off the hardwood styles.

3. Dual Island Functionality

Building from the hardwood floor, this kitchen uses light cabinets and drawers, topped with wonderful counter tops. The stainless appliances and fixtures are a great finishing touch.

4. Bold Elegance

A combination of dark and elegant hardwood mixed with stainless steel designs is a great mix for this space. The whole area is large, with the center island giving you plenty of room for hosting guests.

5. Stylish Decor

This highly functional center island gives you plenty of shelf space, both for your books and your wine. The hardwood blends used around the room go well with the stainless steel appliances.

6. Contemporary Architecture

This kitchen has a great center island set up, with a small dining table attached. This is a wonderful space, light and contemporary.

7. Hardwood Designs

The floor and ceiling have a handsome darker hardwood, with the center of the kitchen taking a light and open style. With simple decor to match, this room is wonderful.

8. Open Dining

With great storage shelves on this center island, you will have plenty of room to keep your plates and bowls. The while area, from the kitchen to the dining table, is well lit from the natural light shining in.

9. Wonderful Patterns

The patterns used on the wall behind the stove area really give this kitchen a great character. The light hardwood floor is beautifully paired with sleek white cabinets and appliance.

10. Elegant Hardwood Architecture

With bold hardwood used throughout this kitchen, you can sense the quiet elegance all around. This is a tropical dream, with a large area for you to cook and eat in.

11. Wonderful Center Island

The hardwood counter top for this center island is the perfect match for the floor in this kitchen. With beautiful glass display cabinets, you have a combined tropical elegance in this room.

12. Comfortable Beauty

Never think that you can’t have everything you need in a smaller space. This kitchen is fully functional, with a place to eat your meals when you are finished cooking.

13. Perfect Hardwood Floor

The beauty of this kitchen is the hardwood floor that connects it so seamlessly to the other areas of the house. With subdued colors for the walls and cabinets, the decor is really allowed to stand out.

14. Multi-Purpose Space

With contemporary appliances and a masterful use of hardwood, this kitchen breathes tropical air. You even have a small office work space to the side, meeting all of your needs.

15. Light and Dark Contrast

This kitchen area uses dark hardwood with lighter counters and walls to make a striking contrast. The space comes to life with wonderful decor and is easily connected to the living room and dining areas.

16. Industrial Blend

This classically designed kitchen has a hint of industrial with the appliances and light fixtures. With a weathered style hardwood floor and a center island to match, this is a luxurious space.

17. Exposed Beams

With beautiful exposed beams to work with along the ceiling and a marching hardwood floor, the only thing left to do is create a luxurious kitchen in between. This space does just that, with a dining area connected.

18. Shining Luxury

With a brilliant use of light, this sleek and luxurious kitchen is a blend of classic and tropical. The hardwood floor connects many areas of this house while the lighter designs and marble counter tops bring the elegance.

19. Cooking and Dining Combined

This modern kitchen uses a beautiful crafted style. The open floor plan hosts a functional center island and a weathered style dining table. The colors and decor used throughout this room bring it to life.

20. Glowing Ambiance

With multiple tones of hardwood at work in this kitchen and beautiful lighting, this space glows with magic. The green tiles used and the great fan and fixtures give this room a tropical flair.

21. Shining Designs

With simple decor and elegant tile choices, this kitchen shines brilliantly. With a beautiful hardwood floor to balance the whole space out, you will really sense the luxury in this space.

22. Cozy and Functional

When you have less space, you don’t have to give up functionality. This kitchen area blends seamlessly into the other areas of this house and meets all of you needs. A blend of hardwood and light cabinets is perfect.

23. Island Decor

With a wonderful tropical pattern and decor to match, this dining space shines with life. The chairs are beautifully crafted to give you a wonderful island style.

24. Light Tropics

Beautiful counter tops adorn the areas of this kitchen, and a wonderful hardwood floor is matched by this center island. The kitchen leads right to an area to relax by the windows.

25. Crafted Ceiling

The hardwood designs, from the ceiling to the cabinets and center island, work really well together. This kitchen has a quiet elegance and great functionality.

26. Contemporary and Bright

With sleek cabinets and appliances, this bright kitchen has wonderful patterns and decor. The natural light pours in on this modern tropical space.

27. A Granite Style

The granite style counter top in this large center island is the centerpiece of a kitchen that has plenty of room for you to move around in. With great lighting, you will enjoy the time you spend here.

28. Dark Wooden Designs

The darker hardwoods used around this kitchen are beautiful. With a large center island, you will find all your cooking and dining needs are met here.

29. Cultural Wonder

With beautiful cultural decor, this kitchen has a unique style. The stone counter can be used for dining and it has a durable design. Hardwood floors, matched by the darker cabinet, this kitchen is a wonderful space.
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