35 Wonderful Kids Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

So, you are ready to design a room for your kid. Or kids. We know, it isn’t that easy to do. You probably have your own ideas about how you want the room to look and we know that your kids also have their ideas, too. What do you do? There are so many options for kids rooms, but the good news is that you’re allowed to get a little creative with them.

Imagine that you are a kid again. What kind of room would you want? We want to help you come up with some ideas. We have 35 design ideas below that range from traditional and classic to contemporary and creative. Check them out and see if some of the styles will work for you and your family. We want to help you let their imaginations run free.

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Wonderful Kids Room Designs

1. Dream Style

This room will certainly be what it says – a dream. With a great bed and great patterns around the room, this space is ready for your child.

2. Play All Day

With plenty of color and great storage all around, this room will be ready for your kids to play all day here.

3. Beautiful Decor

With wonderful colors used with the furniture and decor, this room shines in the natural light.

4. Dresser Designs

This dresser gives you great character to match the hardwood floor. With color splashes around the room, this space is ready for your kid.

5. Classically Pink

This room has plenty of natural light shining in to highlight the calming colors used to decorate it.

6. Work Station

With unique seating to accommodate an active kid, this work space will handle all of their creative needs.

7. Colorful Geometry

Throw some life into a room by using great geometric patterns. This room has great shelving and storage space.

8. Natural Light Shines

With multiple windows to let the light shine in, this room features wonderful shelves to keep all of your child’s items.

9. Plenty of Storage

This room will let your child be creative with its built in chalk boards and plenty of storage space. With a simple color scheme to match, this space has great character.

10. Classic Double

With great artwork to match this room’s coloring, two kids will be comfortable here.

11. Great Desk

This desk wraps around the wall to provide your child with plenty of space to work and learn. They have all the light they need to complete their tasks.

12. A Whole Town

This playroom becomes a whole town for your kids to play in and have some fun. Not only fun, but they will learn while playing.

13. Archway Style

The archways and chevron design for the hardwood floor give this room great character. Beyond that, the simple bedding proves that you don’t have to go overboard for success.

14. Bright and Bold

This beautiful room makes use of the natural light to show off the great decor and the classic hardwood floor.

15. Brilliant Blues

Sometimes you just want a great color scheme to a room. The blues used in this room are patterned perfectly and create a welcome space.

16. Sky Blue

The sky blue color used for the walls balances well with the pinks thrown in. With light shining in from every direction, this room is bright and lively.

17. Show Time

Do you have a star who likes to dress up and show off their vocal skills? This space will be perfect for them.

18. Going to Sea

If you have an explorer in the family, design them a space that lets their imaginations roam. This port window will let them pretend they are sailing every night.

19. High Rise

This fun space has everything your child needs raised up. They can relax in the swing seat with a book before they go to bed.

20. Work Stations

Who says the work and desk areas have to take up space? They are kept out of the way behind these doors until they are needed.

21. Traditionally Calm

This traditional room is clasically decorated and has a calm presence of grace. What a welcoming place to come into.

22. Bold Motivation

Using darker colors is a bold way to bring character to a kids room. This space is creative and motivational.

23. Lounge Bed

Not only do your kids have a great space to relax, but they can do it in style. This room makes the sleeping experience more fun.

24. Colorful and Neat

With a consistent and fun color scheme to go with the beige walls and furniture, this room comes alive.

25. Simply Alphabetical

Pick one of the walls in your kids room and do something crazy with it. Make it fun like this wallpaper does.

26. Proper and Graceful

The decor lends a sense of grace to this room. With great natural light available, the hints of lavender really shine through.

27. Complete Playroom

If you have a bunch of kids to entertain, check this room out. With plenty of storage space and room for everyone to play, this will ensure everyone stays busy.

28. Creative Shelving

Not all shelving has to be in a straight line. In this room, notice how it steps up creatively for a great design.

29. Dots of Fun

This room has plenty of space for your kids to do their work or create some artwork or they can relax on the colorful couch that lines the whole wall.

30. Reading Space

Your kids can grab a book and curl up by the window on this great bench. The natural light is great to read by.

31. For the Artist

Give your little artist a whole corner to create and display their work. They will stay here for hours.

32. Active Room

This room has plenty for an active family. With great beds and plenty of work space, they can also check out the stars at night.

33. Give Some Space

Raising the bed up high gives your kid and his friends plenty of room for activities down below. Make use of all the space you have.

34. As Cool As It Gets

Your kids and their friends will have a great time in a space that lets their personalities flourish. Ask them what they want and see what happens.

35. Great Storage

Sometimes you just need to create a little more storage space, but it doesn’t have to be bland. Check out how well these colors work in this room.
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