32 Farmhouse Style Living Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on March 25, 2022

Nothing says home like a classic farm style design, so if you want your living room to be a place that welcomes everyone, a farm style is the way to go.

You will be spending a ton of time in your living room, whether you are relaxing at the end of a long day or if you have friends and family over for a get together. Make sure the room matches your style and personality.

Below, we have gathered 32 farmhouse style living room designs and ideas for you to browse through. From bucolic styles to contemporary blends, you will certainly find some ideas that work for you.

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Farmhouse Style Living Room Designs

1. Open and Light

This open room, featuring a great smooth floor and beautiful light hardwood, is simply furnished and kept warm by an old fashioned stove. Sit and relax as you catch up on your television shows.

2. Fresh Air Access

The chevron style hardwood floor in this living room looks fantastic when combined with the light furniture and decor. The white walls really stand out in the natural light.

3. Beachy Farm

The light style of this room brings in memories of a beach style house that has met a country farm room. With wonderful patterns for the chairs, this room comes to life.

4. Contemporary Luxury

The openness of this living room works well for the large floor plan. You will never feel crowded in this room. With a beautiful mix of rustic designs and beautiful earth tones, you will always be relaxed here.

5. Beautiful Decor

The colors used in this living room, from the wonderfully patterned rug to the blend of white and black all around, you can see beautiful contrasts. The natural light shines in to reveal the beauty of the space.

6. Modern Rustic

The stone used around the fireplace brings great character to this room. With beautiful light furniture used throughout, you can sense a rustic style blending into modern decor.

7. Natural Style

The brick used around the fireplace and the hardwood beams in the ceiling bring a natural feel to this living room. The decor and colors add to the effect, perfectly matching their surroundings.

8. Retro Architecture

The architecture of this room will remind you of a retro style, while the furniture and decor bring a country design. The natural light pours in the windows to give you plenty of light all day.

9. All Connections

This living room is central to this house, in between all the major spaces. The kitchen is right there and you can open up the doors for easy access to outside. This is the perfect layout for hosting get togethers.

10. Stylish Fireplace

With a wonderfully designed fireplace and a calm sense of decor, this living room has warmth and natural light to bring it to life. Without being overwhelming, it is complete.

11. Multi-Purpose Space

No matter what you need to get done, this area will let you do it. Whether you are relaxing after a meal or you need to get some office work done, you will be able to do it here in this light and lively space.

12. Open Floor Plan

This hardwood floor connects all areas of this house. With light furniture to blend with the darker hardwood used throughout, the contrast is elegant and stylish.

13. Amazing Loft Space

With no space wasted here, the shelving rises to meet the ceiling, giving you a beautiful storage area that looks great. With a light color scheme used in the room, this is a lively space that will always welcome you.

14. Classic Beauty

With a light fixture that has a rustic feel to go with the wonderful patterns throughout the room, you will love this space. Light, subdued colors are the feature of this room and they all blend perfectly.

15. Beams Across

The weathered exposed beams going across this room are matched perfectly by the hardwood floor. With white walls and lighter furniture to match, this living room is a wonderful space.

16. Bold Furniture

The high ceiling, bolstered by the hardwood A frames, sets the tone for this handsomely elegant room. A blend of light and dark contemporary design styles combines to make a bold statement.

17. Comfortable and Complete

Going into this living room cove, you have shelves holding beautiful decor and books. Inside, you have a space to relax. A quiet space that is furnished warmly.

18. Natural Life

The plant life decor used in this living room is the perfect way to accent the beautiful and charming country furniture. This living room has a natural feel that will have you relaxed.

19. Fireplace Center

This living room goes for a contemporary design. Featuring modern furniture to blend with the stacked stone fireplace, the natural light shines in to reveal true beauty.

20. Relaxing Spaces

The book shelves used in this living room set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere. Lay back on these low lying, multi-purpose couches. Just don’t be surprised if you fall asleep.

21. Bucolic Feel

If you think of a country house living room, this kind of design might come to mind. With a charming design and bucolic furniture and decor, you will love how this room comes together.

22. Elegant Farm Style

This beautiful farm style take a modern approach, both with the furniture and the colors. There is a quiet elegance to this space, one that will leave you relaxed every time you come in.

23. All Around Open

This living room blends seamlessly with the kitchen area and is open to the outdoor on both sides. Extend your get togethers to the fresh air and enjoy the natural light of this space.

24. Calm and Elegant

With the hardwood floor matching the beams overhead and the stacked stone fireplace bringing warmth to the room, you will enjoy the easy luxury of the furniture in this room.

25. Sleek Simplcity

With light wooden plank walls matched perfectly by this sleek and elegant furniture, you will enjoy the simplicity of this room. This kind of space gives you a blank canvass for decor.

26. A Modern Splash

With plenty of natural light, most of the furniture here is light and stands out. What really brings the room to life is the darker artwork and stone fireplace.

27. Easy Light

Notice the transition from one room to the next, from darker to light. This living room is meant to come to life in the natural light, and the light styles contrast the dark hardwood floor wonderfully.

28. Beige Takeover

The beige used in this space brings out a modern rustic style when combined with the Southwest fireplace and decor look. All around calm, this living room gives a warm feeling.

29. All In One

The living room, kitchen, and dining area are all connected here and they are all beautifully matched when it comes to decor and colors. The hardwood floor is the base, but this room blends earth styles with contemporary decor.

30. Sliding Creativity

This room gives you plenty of decor options. With a wonderful sliding door separating one space from the other, you can see how well the light style walls work with the hardwood floor.

31. Open Loft

This space is where you can go to work and relax. Whether you need to work in the office area or you simply want to sit back and relax, you can do it here. The furniture is a perfect match for the beautiful hardwood.

32. A Perfect Blend

The dark fireplace area catches your eye first, but only because it is the perfect match for this beautiful hardwood floor. The natural style furniture is wonderfully chosen and blends right in.

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