54 Gorgeous Living Rooms to Drool Over (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it should be a place where you feel comfortable and you should be able to enjoy your time there. A few specific elements are needed to make your space special . . . such as comfortable seating and art that makes you happy. When you get home, you should be able to enjoy relaxing in your home, so make your living room a place where you can do just that.

In this list of amazing living rooms, you’ll find a wide range of spaces that will inspire you to make your own room even more interesting. From unique paint colors and fun furniture to simpler touches like throw pillows and area rugs, there’s something here for everyone. Take a look at the list and see which living room clicks with you.

Gorgeous Living Room Design Ideas

1. Brown Accents

This beautiful farmhouse living room is practical in its decor, with sofa slipcovers and delicate brown accents.

2. Stone Block Walls

Stone blocks make up the walls of two sides of this open living room, adding an elegant contrast to the cream sofas.

3. Full Length Skylight

The skylight running the length of this living room fills it with natural light and provides an area for ceiling lights to hang, as well.

4. Elegant Wood

This living room is made cozy and traditional with plenty of wood throughout the room and an unusual green fireplace.

5. Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows like these give you an unobstructed view, as well as letting in plenty of natural light.

6. Sleek Lines

Everything about this living room is sleek and elegant, from the fireplace wall and perfect furniture to the windows and their black surrounds.

7. Arched Room

You’ll feel like you’re in church when you walk into this beautifully designed living room with its arched ceiling and massive window.

8. Textured Walls

Use wallpaper to create a textured look in your living space, that will contrast with the smooth wainscoting and fireplace.

9. Balcony Windows

Open any room up with full wall windows and an incredible view outside. This view includes an ample balcony.

10. Miniature Library

Show off your love of books with shelves that cover an entire wall and even run above the entrance door.

11. Bay Window Nook

A simple, yet beautiful bay window nook can easily become your favorite spot in the house, with storage below.

12. Spacious and Well-Lit

The sheer amount of space and natural lighting in this room will make anyone jealous and wishing it were theirs.

13. Colorful Knick Knacks

Make your living room your own by adding fun and colorful books and odds and ends to spice it up a bit.

14. Light-Up Ceiling

Create a unique ambiance in your home with a recessed ceiling that features beautiful lighting under the edges.

15. Tall Stone Fireplace

With rustic stained wood all around, this massive stone fireplace really fits into the living room and completes it.

16. Stone Pillars

Any living room will look more elegant with support pillars, but in this case, the pillars are made of stone, adding a rustic look to the space.

17. Full of Texture

From the smooth wood floor and leafy plants to the rattan doors and sleek leather pillows on the sofa, texture abounds in this room.

18. Tiled Coffee Table

Add a touch of elegance to your space with a set of nesting coffee tables that are designed to be easy to clean, with tiled surfaces.

19. Diagonally Paneled Ceiling

Look up and you’ll see the real art in this room . . . recessed panels set on an unusual angle, complete with moldings.

20. White Marble Fireplace

Nothing takes a space to the next level like a white marble fireplace that perfectly contrasts the dark wood floor.

21. Impressive Columns

Not many living rooms have impressive white columns like this one, but perhaps they should.

22. Textured Rug

The area rug in this gray and white living room is uniquely textured in a chevron pattern to add interest and softness to the room.

23. A Splash of Yellow

Delicate yellow vases and flowers help turn this room into a more exciting space and perk it up with some color.

24. Trio of Art

Three art pieces, hung in a row above the sofa make a real impact, particularly with their black and white look.

25. Warm Neutrals

Beige walls and highlights throughout this room warm up the gray and make it feel cozier and comfortable.

26. Checkerboard Carpet

Tiny black and white checkerboard squares adorn this large area rug that defines the living room area and creates visual interest.

27. Abstract Painting

The brightly colored painting on the mantel of this simplistic living room makes the entire room pop.

28. White and Wood

The impressive wooden beams above this room are made all the more notable by the white ceiling behind them.

29. Plenty of Greenery

You can’t go wrong with adding houseplants to your living room and enhancing your indoor environment and air quality.

30. Oak Fireplace

Dark oak forms the majority of this rather elegant fireplace and chimney, set against a beautiful rock wall.

31. Hanging Lights

Dangling lights in the form of little globes make this room come alive and pulls you in, making it almost magical to sit here.

32. Oversized Sofas

These puffy, matching sofas are ideal for sinking into after a long day at work and will give you just the right amount of comfort.

33. Pretty in White

This tiny all-in-one room is beautifully elaborated in white and taupe, creating a pristine space that feels like heaven.

34. Blue Armchairs

The two blue armchairs in this room really make the space feel more friendly and the darker blue pillows and throws add to this.

35. Polished Concrete Floor

Concrete can be classy, especially when it’s been polished and stained like this amazing floor in mottled gray.

36. Classic Detailing

Classic moldings and details like those on the ceiling around the light and on the fireplace mantel are what make this room special.

37. All-In-One Seating

This huge L-shaped sofa is soft and large enough to provide seating space for everyone in the family, plus a few extra people.

38. Corner Window

The unique look of this seamless corner window lets you truly enjoy the amazing view outside this living room.

39. Art Shelves

Display your favorite art on floating shelves like these two that hover above the sofa and provide visual interest.

40. Sunken Shelves

Shelves that are sunken into the wall make a great spot for displaying art, storing books or even board games for game night.

41. Faux Columns

Simple moldings make it look like this room is designed with columns built right into the walls, adding a touch of elegance.

42. Simple Wood Slat Divider

Separation is essential in a tiny living room and this unique wooden slat divider is very easy to make, yet serves its purpose.

43. Transparent Coffee Table

44. Green Sofa

In a space packed with art, this bright leaf green sofa stands out and catches the eye with its fun color.

45. High Contrast Floor

The area rug in this tiny living room area is a visually jarring black and white stripe that pulls your eyes down immediately.

46. Plenty of Textures

Two very different armchairs invite you to sink into their comfort, full of multiple textures from pillows and throws.

47. Upstairs Balcony

Just half a floor above the living room, the next level features a balcony that juts out into the living space, providing a unique vantage point.

48. Large Picture Window

The huge picture window featured in this bright living room provides lots of natural light, as well as an unblemished view.

49. Art Filled Fireplace

Set your favorite art pieces right into the fireplace chimney with this dark frame that matches the mantelpiece.

50. Curved Fireplace

Nestled in the corner of this room is a elegant rounded fireplace that fits beautifully into the naturally inspired space.

51. Hanging Bulbs

These bare lightbulbs, hung in a circle, are the perfect way to light up your living room when the natural light fails.

52. Low Ceiling

Many older homes have low ceilings, but that doesn’t have to ruin your space. Use it to create a cozy space to hang out.

53. Unique Fireplace Entertainment Center

This fireplace is actually down and to the side, barely noticeable in the grand design where the cinematic screen is set into the chimney.

54. Dishes Hutch

Add some visual pop to your room by including a hutch for your favorite dishes, neatly set against a blue background.
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