40 Stunning Kitchens with Vaulted Ceilings (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

A vaulted ceiling can bring a dramatic, eye-catching scene to any room of the home. They rise up, cathedral like in appearance, giving the whole space an open and airy style.

When it comes to kitchens, we can’t think of any better place to have a high, vaulted ceiling. Now, not all vaulted ceilings rise like a cathedral. There are different types of recesses that can be used, all creating a wonderful style. Often, vaulted ceilings will have exposed beams as part of their architecture, giving an even more striking look.

Below, we have gathered over 35 kitchens with vaulted ceilings for you to browse through. We know you will find a style that suits your design senses.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Wonderful Crossbeam Architecture

Wonderful Crossbeam Architecture
Photo by Aladdin Remodelers

We love how this ceiling seems to have these crossbeams seamlessly designed. They fit wonderfully with the traditional style of this kitchen and making them white was a great choice.

2. Perfect Skylight Style

Perfect Skylight Style
Photo by Sunrise Building & Remodeling Inc

These beams may be small, but they are just right for this space. Nestled between the two skylights, this whole kitchen is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles.

3. Hardwood Beam Contrast

Hardwood Beam Contrast
Photo by Insidesign

These rustic and weathered hardwood beams create a great contrast against the white ceiling. They also match the floor wonderfully.

4. Great Contemporary Angles

Great Contemporary Angles
Photo by G. M. Roth Design Remodeling, Inc.

We love the angles of this kitchen and the beams fit right in. This space uses a contemporary architectural style and fantastic matching materials.

5. Cathedral Style Kitchen

Cathedral Style Kitchen
Photo by Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling

One look at this kitchen and you know it is a magnificent space. The high ceiling take a cathedral style and makes it work perfectly with this traditional kitchen.

6. Charming Country Setting

Charming Country Setting
Photo by Joani Stewart-GeorgiMontana Ave. Interiors

This pitched ceiling has wonderful and charming hardwood beams that work so well with the overall country style of this kitchen.

7. Rustic European Curves

Rustic European Curves
Photo by Cindy Aplanalp-Yates & Chairma Design Group

You will be thinking of a charming European style when you see this beautiful curved ceiling. The brick works so well with the overall design of this kitchen.

8. Magnificent and Open

Magnificent and Open
Photo by Canyon Construction

This high ceiling has three wonderful light fixtures hanging down, all with a slightly rustic sense. This large kitchen has an open and spacious feeling.

9. Wonderful Design Style

Wonderful Design Style
Photo by Christopher A Rose AIA, ASID

Thanks to this vaulted ceiling and high windows, the natural light pours into this kitchen. Notice how the ceiling is a light gray, making it contrast well with the walls.

10. High and Curved

High and Curved
Photo by Avante Interiors

We love how this ceiling and the hardwood beams rise slowly and calmly, giving this kitchen a great country sense of style.

11. Modern Industrial Style

Modern Industrial Style
Photo by Peppertree Kitchen & Bath

We love that this ceiling doesn’t have a symmetrical rise on either side. It gives this whole space a modern feel that works well with the industrial style.

12. Traditional Loft Space

Traditional Loft Space
Photo by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

This kitchen blends the best of many styles, and thanks to the high ceiling, has a wonderful open loft style.

13. Great Hardwood Use

Great Hardwood Use
Photo by Asher Slaunwhite Architects

This vaulted ceiling takes a hardwood style that contrasts so well with the light traditional style of the kitchen.

14. Durable Wood Ceiling

Durable Wood Ceiling
Photo by

Though this ceiling doesn’t rise high, it certainly has a great style as it calmly curves. It will have you thinking of a European style.

15. Classy and Elegant

Classy and Elegant
Photo by Spinnaker Development

The slight rise in this kitchen ceiling gives the whole space a great style. The wonderful skylight gives plenty of natural light to this space.

16. Traditional and Light

Traditional and Light
Photo by Crisp Architects

This vaulted ceiling rises into a large wooden beam that runs down the center of the whole space. We love the traditional style this kitchen offers.

17. Wonderful Hardwood All Around

Wonderful Hardwood All Around
Photo by WA Design Architects

It is hard to overstate how well this hardwood cathedral style ceiling works for this space. It connects the whole house and has a fantastic look.

18. Crafted Beams

Crafted Beams
Photo by Cameo Kitchens, Inc.

We love how this ceiling has wonderfully crafted beams. The darker beige color blends perfectly with the light beams.

19. Sleek Functional Space

Sleek Functional Space
Photo by Sutton Suzuki Architects

This kitchen has a great open style thanks to the high ceiling. The cross beams add great style and work to bring together an industrial and traditional blend design.

20. Easy Country Style

Easy Country Style
Photo by Shelton Design//Build

With a wonderful ceiling that rises up, this kitchen area has plenty of natural light thanks to the high window. We love the charming country design in this space.

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21. Wonderful Ceiling Lighting

Wonderful Ceiling Lighting
Photo by RKI Interior Design

With a recessed ceiling, this kitchen makes the whole space elegant with wonderful lighting.

22. Industrial Country Style

Industrial Country Style
Photo by 2id Interiors

This pitched ceiling opens the whole space up for an industrial country design. We love how well this kitchen gives a weathered and functional feel.

23. Lined With Light

Lined With Light
Photo by David ChurchillArchitectural Photographer

This cathedral ceiling rises to rows of skylights that let the the natural light shine in. This modern and sleek space is ready and welcoming.

24. White Beams and Ceiling

White Beams and Ceiling
Photo by Bay Vista Development

This ceiling has a calm rise and wonderful beams. We love how open it makes this kitchen and dining feel.

25. Comfortable Modern Style

Comfortable Modern Style
Photo by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

This living and dining room space has a wonderful vaulted ceiling that incorporates fantastic weathered hardwood beams.

26. Hardwood Contrasts

Hardwood Contrasts
Photo by Frederick + Frederick Architects

This high hardwood ceiling also benefits from having great hardwood crossbeams. The style opens up this kitchen and dining area.

27. Calm and Charming

Calm and Charming
Photo by Lisa Benbow of LCB Interior Design

With three areas combined – the kitchen, dining, and living areas – this vaulted ceiling ties everything together.

28. Arched With Bricks

Arched With Bricks
Photo by Visbeen Architects

We can’t get over how well a curved ceiling looks when bricks are used. It gives a durable and rustic sense, something that is classic and timeless.

29. Luxury Cabin Style

Luxury Cabin Style
Photo by Phillips Development

The vaulted ceiling in this home is meant to take center stage. All hardwood with hardwood crossbeams, everything here is tied together wonderfully.

30. Wonderful Modern Trends

Wonderful Modern Trends
Photo by Ann Lowengart Interiors

With a gentle slope upwards and some great skylights, this pitched ceiling sits over a great contemporary kitchen space.

31. Great Contemporary Flair

Great Contemporary Flair
Photo by Mick Hales

At first glance, you may not think contemporary, but look closer. This high ceiling has great modern fixtures that sit over a great kitchen and dining space.

32. Light and Open

Light and Open
Photo by Hudson Street Design

Vaulted and featuring white crossbeams, this ceiling opens this space up. The whole area takes on a modern sense of style.

33. Natural Light Shines

Natural Light Shines
Photo by Redbud Custom Homes

We love how this lower ceiling in the kitchen space gives way to the vaulted ceiling over the dining and living room areas.

34. Amazing Architecture Style

Amazing Architecture Style
Photo by Morning Star Builders LTD

With beautiful brick architecture and a wonderful European sense of style, this kitchen area has a ceiling that is meant to amaze.

35. Perfect Angles

Perfect Angles
Photo by David Sharff Architect, P.C.

The angles of this kitchen ceiling give this traditional space a modern architectural flair. We love how much natural light shines into this space.

36. Light and dark Contrasts

Light and dark Contrasts
Photo by Minett Studio Architecture and Design

Nothing works better than a white ceiling with dark hardwood beams. The contrasts that are created are eye catching.

37. The Perfect Skylight

The Perfect Skylight
Photo by Precision Cabinets

This cathedral ceiling rises up to a great skylight. We love the modern industrial feel of this space, starting with the hanging light fixtures and going to the appliances.

38. A Contemporary Design

A Contemporary Design
Photo by Bradford And Kent

This ceiling rises to a few different angles and it really helps to complete the contemporary sense of style for this room.

39. A Simple Country Design

A Simple Country Design
Photo by KM Design

This vaulted ceiling has a calm pitch and takes a great olive green color to blend with the hardwood of the space.

40. Easy Light and Dark Blend

Easy Light and Dark Blend
Photo by Alair Homes Chilliwack

The simple contrasts in this kitchen are continued with the ceiling as it takes a white wooden plank build and blends it with dark hardwood beams.

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