44 Stunning Master Bathroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Are you looking for design touches and ideas that will make your master bathroom more beautiful?  Below you will find 44 colorful images full of design inspirations that you’re sure to find useful.  You can incorporate individual design elements into your existing master bathroom, or you can be a bit more daring and give your space a complete overhaul!

What exactly is in store?  How about skylights and ceramic tile floors; decadent marble and sculpture; the glossiest cherry-wood wall panels and matching features; large casement windows and modern wash basins; paneled walls of wood and white; delicate wall sconces and fanciful mirrors; enameled ceramic walls and traditional charm; as well as recessed lighting, multiple mirrors, and classic neutral accents?  Enjoy!

Stunning Master Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Seeing double

You’re might think you’re seeing double at first with this stunning bathroom design, but you’ll soon appreciate the room’s conveniently cloned counter space and sinks.

2. Rustic yet convenient

This simple rustic tray makes it easy to keep things close-by when in the bathtub.

3. Unique freestanding bath faucet

This unique freestanding bath faucet has a sleek look.

4. Curvy porcelain stool

This curvy porcelain stool is a pretty design accent.  It’s also useful for keeping towels close-by.

5. Large ceramic tile floor and skylights

The skylight windows in this bathroom create a gorgeous upmarket look, as does the floor of large ceramic tiles in a neutral shade.

6. Decidedly upscale

This master bathroom’s sparkling chandelier, crystal clear mirrors, and remarkably lovely cabinets and drawers create a look that is decidedly upscale.

7. Modern art

A colorful modern art design feature above the sink complements the clean pine floors nicely.

8. Platform

This positioning of the tub and shower area on a platform lends even more elegance to this already beautiful bathroom.

9. Fresh white shelving unit

This white shelving unit sets off the other beautifully fresh design elements of this master bathroom.

10. Decadent marble

Floors, walls, and counters of marble are decadently luxurious.

11. Sculpture

Pieces of sculpture on the counter and beside the bath add an artistic element to the master bathroom.

12. Sleek drawers with bar handles

This master bathroom’s sleek drawers with bar handles is a lovely touch of contemporary design.

13. Glossy cherry-wood wall panels

Have you ever seen a master bathroom this truly impressive?  Its glossy cherry-wood wall panels are just as beautiful as the matching cabinets and drawers.

14. Large casement windows

A large casement windows beside the bathtub provides a view of the verdant outdoors.

15. Flowing and abundant upholstery

This master bathroom’s flowing and abundant upholstery creates a plush look.

16. Soft gray-blue cabinets with molded design

The geometric molded design of these soft teal-blue cabinets gives them a sophisticated flair.

17. Rug with multi-colored pattern

This geometric rug features shades of purple, pink, blue, mint, and soft yellow.

18. Fanciful mirror frames and delicate wall sconces

This lovely bathroom’s fanciful mirror frames and delicate wall sconces add to the appeal of the space.

19. Recessed shelves in marble

This marble shower has recessed shelves that are handy for storing shampoo and other necessities.

20. White upholstered chair and paneled wall

White paneling on the walls looks pleasant with a matching upholstered chair.

21. Numerous shower options

This shower enclosure features numerous showerheads of different sizes and types.

22. Pot lights and polka dots

The pot lights and polka dot floor of this master bathroom are quite charming and certainly stylish.

23. Sloped ceiling and classic hardwood floors

A sloped ceiling such as the one seen here will give any bathroom a unique look.  This master bathroom’s classic hardwood floor is a charming touch.

24. Blush tints and multiple mirrors

The blush tints of this bathroom are set off in a lovely way by the several wall sconce light fixtures, as well as multiple mirrors of an impressive size.

25. Birchwood and beige

This lovely bathroom features birchwood floors and biscuit beige furniture.

26. Contemporary graphite gray wash basins

Contemporary graphite gray wash basins add to this master bathroom’s fashionable appeal.

27. Several sources of light

This master bathroom has multiple sources of light: recessed lighting, classic wall sconces, and daylight coming through the generous windows.  The white and gray patterned floor and gray walls are set off nicely by stunningly fresh white furniture.

28. Tea cup bathtub

This bathtub is like a teacup certainly not in its size but rather in its unusual round shape.  Numerous recessed lights make this bathroom even more daringly fashionable.

29. Black window frames with bright white walls

Black window frames create a bold and modern contrast with the white of this kitchen’s walls and marble floors.

30. Enameled ceramic shower walls and quirky shower heads

These enameled ceramic walls give a wonderfully glossy look, while the provided showerheads have a quirky look.

31. Ladder-look towel rack

This black towel rack has a bit of the look of a ladder, which is emphasized by the stepping stool located beneath.  A dark-wood floor always creates extra warmth to the overall look of the room.

32. Swirling designs with deep taupe

This swirling bit of modern design contains the deep taupe also seen in the bathroom’s walls.

33. Powder blue traditional charm

Don’t underestimate the beauty and style offered by traditional bathroom design options.  This master bathroom’s powder blue cabinets and drawers as well as its molding and decorative touches is undeniably fresh and  pretty.

34. Mirrors with decorative metallic frame

This bathroom’s mirrors with decorative metallic frames create a nice contrast to the simple white paneling of the wall behind.

35. Rectangular sinks

Rectangular sinks are an intriguing design update for many master bathrooms.

36. Shower and bath together

This attractive enclosure houses both shower and bathtub, and features a fresh color scheme and ample windows.

37. Glossy gray brick-shaped tiles

Perhaps these glossy brick-shaped tiles would suit your master bathroom?  They are certainly a contemporary design feature.

38. Decorative door and clean white floors

This decorative door will give any master bathroom an especially refined look.  Fresh white floors are lovely complement to the overall design.

39. Strips of blue

Single stripes of blue adorn the shower stall and wall behind the sink.  This color is echoed by other design elements in this master bathroom.

40. Lava-look counters

This counters’s colors and design provide a lava-like look.

41. Refined wood-plank ceiling

The refined wood-plank ceiling in this shower enclosure evokes hints of the spa.

42. Oak-adorned

Beautiful oak wood plays a prominent part in this bathroom’s design.

43. Bask in the morning light

This bathroom’s windows allow plenty of light to flood in.  There are shutters provided in case you ever want to remain sleepy a bit longer.

44. Mint stripes

Mint green stripes adorn the graphite gray shower wall.
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