10 Cute Bicycle Planters You Can Make Yourself

bicycle planter ideas

If you love the idea of adding bright flowers to an outdoor space but want a creative way to display them, a bicycle planter is a fun alternative to the usual hanging planters you see around town and in yards. Antique and vintage bicycles are a great find at the flea market, but what can … Read more

7 Best Mulch Alternatives for Your Home Garden

mulch alternatives

Mulch is a traditional material for decorating flower beds, retaining moisture, and reducing soil erosion, but because it’s so common, you may be looking for something a bit different. Fortunately, there are a good number of other materials you can choose from if you simply don’t want standard mulch. Check out these seven alternatives to … Read more

27 Stunning Covered Deck Ideas (Photo Gallery)

best covered deck ideas

Your fun and relaxation times don’t have to be relegated to the indoors. Where would be the fun in that? We fully believe that that outside of your home can be just as inviting and enjoyable. That’s why we’ve gathered over 25 examples of how amazing covered decks can be. We have been blown away … Read more

How Much Chlorine to Add to a Pool

how much chlorine to pool

Are you a new pool owner and unsure of the amount of chlorine to add to your pool? No worries, all you need to do is know your pool size, how many gallons of water are in it, and check the chlorine levels with a test kit before you get started. When adding chlorine to … Read more

How to Paint a Concrete Patio

how to paint a concrete patio

Concrete patios are made to last. Unfortunately, they become discolored and dingy after years of exposure to the elements and regular use. There is no need to fret or consider replacement, however. There is a simple way to revive your concrete patio: paint it! Related: 20 Concrete Alternatives Around the House You Will Need: A … Read more

How to Clean a Brick Patio

how to clean a brick patio

Brick patios are beautiful additions to any home outdoor entertainment space, but they can become unsightly when mold and dirt settle into the bricks and mortar. Use these simple steps and these common household items to revive your brick patio for a homey, pleasing place to host yard gatherings or just sit and relax with … Read more

50 Breathtaking House Exterior Ideas (Photo Gallery)

house exterior ideas

Designing a new home? Remaking an existing one? Listen, we know how much of an investment your home is and how important the exterior design is. The outside of your home is what you will see every time you come and go, and is what everyone else sees when they drive by. Getting it right … Read more

17 Stunning Gray Houses (Photo Gallery)

gray house ideas

Gray houses can be attractive, fun, and upscale. Depending on how you style your gray home, the home can match any vision or landscape that you may dream up. Read on to see 17 stunning gray houses for inspiration. See Also: 23 Blue Exterior Homes Gray House Color Schemes 1. This blue-gray house would be … Read more

17 Beautiful Arbor Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

arbor design ideas

Arbor designs are a great way to elevate the appearance of your yard or patio. A backyard arbor is an outdoor vertical structure that provides shade, shelter, or privacy. They also tend to have a tunnel-like passageway that makes them look picturesque and lovely. The great thing about arbors is that they can be rustic, … Read more

15 Red Brick House Designs and Inspirations (Photo Gallery)

red brick home ideas

A red brick house will never go out of style. These homes are charming, classic, and sturdy-looking, ensuring that they will look fashionable no matter the year. Here are 15 red brick house designs that you are sure to love. Red not your cup of tea? Check out some beautiful blue homes instead. 15 Red … Read more